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Welcome to Morningside Blooms where I offer exquisite flowers for everyday life.

Serving Kansas City and its surrounding metro

Seeds coming soon.  Sign up when they go live.

You don't need to get married to have extravagant flowers.

Experience local flowers that connect you to the land and the present moment.

Let beauty heal the soul.

"Noella grows the most exquisite flowers.  It reminds of the Parisian flower markets when I lived there.  When I was sick in the hospital, all I wanted were her flowers."

— Laetitia

"When I worked taking photos for my company, the flowers were so stiff, straight, and unnatural.  Noella's flowers have movement and feel organic.  I would have killed for flowers like these to work with."

— Lorraine

"Noella works hard to provide beauty for others.  Her stunning flowers are even more beautiful because of her sustainable practices.  Having flowers in my home makes me feel like I have a little piece of mother nature's beauty just for me."

— Anna

"​Noella has an incredible eye for design and color, and artfully orchestrates many contradictions in her work. Her bouquets are lovingly and carefully arranged, and beautifully and thoughtfully packaged – each one feels like a special work of art, which it really is.

— LeeAnn

"I can tell you care about your work.  Your flowers are always the highest quality and they last the longest."

— Melissa



I'll be in touch!

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