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An Amazing Gardening Tool: Seedtime

Growing a garden can be as simple as tossing a few seeds onto the ground, but if you’re like most people, you can get sucked in very fast and before you know it, your garden is bigger than your initial plans.

It’s not long before you are overwhelmed with seed packets, trying to figure out planting times, and figuring out where to put things with necessary light requirements and other growing conditions.

It’s a lot.

On my scale, trying to get my sowing schedule down was a month-long process and even then, I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen. Then record-keeping got lost in the midst of just surviving the season.

I went on a hunt this winter for a better solution and found a remarkable web-based program called Seedtime. It’s so fantastic, I had to share it with you.

This garden planning tool is incredibly intuitive with drag and drop features and for typical vegetable gardeners, the crops are already in the database.

The database has information about days to maturity so that you can see when to expect a harvest. It also stores when is the ideal time to start a crop so that you can schedule it and even plant successions with a click so you don’t have 35 pounds of zucchini at once.

Since the software links tasks together, once you decide when to sow your crop, it will tell you when to prep your bed, when to cultivate or weed, when to transplant, and when to expect harvest.

Not only that, but you can create a visual layout of your garden and pull your crops into the garden. Since the garden layout is tied to the calendar, you can plan your garden as it changes through the season. And it’s all drag and drop.

In addition to this, you can see your task list for that week so you know exactly what needs to get done. I can go on and on, but you really need to see it to believe it.

All of this is FREE. Yes, it is. I have never been an affiliate of anything, but I am such a fan of this, I’d love if you use my link to try it out.

If you are a budding gardener, the paid membership is well worth it so that you can add custom crops. I needed to since the flower database is limited, but it is worth every penny.

Seedtime is also rolling out great new tools this year as well such as having your seed inventory in one place and keeping it accurate real time when you sow. They are also going to add the ability to make a custom task list so that you can add jobs like fertilizing for example.

This software has shortened my crop planning time down by weeks and will no doubt keep me more organized this year overall. I feel grateful to the farmers who put this together because of the thoughtfulness and excellence in the design.

Give it a try. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, there are an amazing amount of video tutorials to carry you through the process. As you can see, I love it and when something makes my life better, I want to share it with you. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it. Let me know what you think about it.


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