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Take your soil back to ancient times when everything grew easily. Ancient Soil contains the earth’s natural ingredients from volcanos to oceans, to worm castings.


Elm Dirt's Ancient Soil contains over 600 different species of microorganisms that become your master gardeners by delivering nutrients and protecting your plants from bugs, disease, and drought.


Add it to your favorite soil and watch your plants thrive.  Mix 20% Ancient Soil with 80% of your favorite potting soil.  One 2 pound bag of ancient soil will make about 3 gallons of potting soil at a 80/20% mix.


If you have a already potted plant, tree or garden you can sprinkle Ancient Soil on the top and around the plants. You can mix it into the dirt a little or just leave it and when you water nutrients are slowly released.


Ancient Soil contains organic worm castings along with 4 of the most bio-active, environmentally-friendly, soil enhancing ingredients including:


Sea Kelp (The Organic Multivitamin) Contains over 70 critical vitamins and minerals, increases the size and storage life of vegetables. Reinvigorates plants and making them more resistant to certain diseases, pests, and weather conditions.


Organic Worm Castings (soil probiotics) replenish the living microorganisms in your soil and give your plants an endless salad bar of nutrients.


Bat Guano (The Green Multiplier) Transforms plant leaves into the perfect shade of green, encourages rapid seedling and flower growth and drip feeds root systems.


Azomite (The Volcanic Recharge) Awakens healthy soil microbes, improves aeration or water penetration. Remineralizersdepleted soil, skyrockets plant vigor, and boosts crop yield.

Ancient Soil

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