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Welcome to Morningside Blooms

My name is Noella and this our family home.  It's called Morningside because of the beautiful verse that weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  


It's here that I was overwhelmed by the healing beauty of flowers for the first time.  They are extravagant, yet simple, fragile, yet extremely strong, ephemeral, yet also lasting.  

We all need a moment to breathe, ground ourselves, and find joy in life.  My heart is to grow beautiful cut flowers and foliage that bring joy and healing to the soul.  Thank you for being here.

How it all began

What do you do with a hilly plot of rocky, clay land that has more pests and predators than you knew existed?

I was stumped.  I knew growing food was out of the question.  Then I found out that people grew flowers as a crop.  Flowers?  It was a lightbulb moment.  I took a course, brought in trucks full of compost and dove in.  It was 2021.

The funny thing is, a few years ago, I wouldn't have seen the value of flowers.  Yes, I liked them enough and enjoyed getting flowers, but I thought they were perhaps a little frivolous.  But then something changed. 


When we first bought our home which we called Morningside, it needed a lot of tlc and I was the one who tlc-ed it.  That was in the fall.  The work was extensive and exhausting. We dove into renovation hell with three little kids to take care of.  I painted, ripped out flooring, and a kitchen, a bathroom, then laid 1,100 sf of flooring, and installed kitchen cabinets myself and that's not even close to all the work I did.  Phew.  The house felt more like home, but I was spent.  As I recovered from this exhaustion, spring came.  It was our first spring in this home.

When it came, it was with a raucous profusion of cheery yellow daffodils all over the property.  It was ridiculous.  Those were followed by bearded irises with their showy throats and intoxicating fragrance, the peonies in their jolly poofiness (I'd always wanted some peonies after envying a neighbor's for years), then red buds and their delicate pink blossoms, and then blowing up like giant marshmallows were the hydrangeas in their firework-like explosion.  The land kept on giving and giving blooms and I found it healed my soul.  Beauty healed my soul.  It was extravagant, yes, but not frivolous.  In fact, it was something my heart needed. I thanked whoever it was that planted all these blooms however many years ago and understood that flowers are everything.

That summer, I threw in a couple of annual flower seeds to my vegetable garden and was shocked at how insistent they were on pounding out color and blooms throughout the season.  I started cutting things more to bring in to the home and to give to others.  I found time stood still for a few seconds when I took in a bouquet.  So simple.  So lavish.  So beautiful.  I thought cut flowers were frivolous because they die.  What was the point?  Yet I realized that it was precisely the brevity of these beauties that make them more extravagant.  Their last hurrah is to beautify your space and uplift your soul.  I find it noble.  In fact, I can hardly leave a bloom on a plant outside now!  I long to bring it in to bring joy to me and my family.

So here I am, hoping to bring you the same joy, a lot of beauty, and the extravagance you need.   Thank you for being here.  Thank you for supporting a small grower and locally owned business.  My family and I so appreciate it.  From our land to your home.

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