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  • Do you live in Morningside?
    That depends! If you are talking about living in the Kansas City neighborhood called Morningside, then no. Morningside is the name of our home and it comes from a saying, "Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning." It can't always be morning, but it's always nice to be on the morning-side of things and good to remember that it comes when you're in the night.
  • What's the benefit to buying local flowers?
    Most of the flowers in grocery stores, events, and flower shops come from other continents are flown into the United States. These flowers are often dry packed and been in a box for days before they ever get to the customer which shortens vase life. Additionally, chemical usage on these flowers to keep flowers fresh and free of issues is often unregulated. Local flowers are seasonal and just like a watermelon in December is weird, peonies in November are also weird. Nature brings forth what's best in a season and your local grower's flowers will usually be what shines. Local flowers limit ecological impact and growers who use sustainable practices also benefit the land and ecology. And, of course, local flowers support your local grower instead of big conglomerates. Local flowers rock!
  • How long will my flowers last?
    It depends. Certain flowers last longer than others. However, I will tell you that as someone who gets to bring in a lot of flowers that are usually old, they usually last a lot longer than store bought flowers. Sometimes I want to get rid of them before they're ready because they won't die. A couple of tips for your arrangments: 1) Try to use a little bit of flower food in your vase each time you change the water. They are living things and once they are cut off from their roots, need another source of food to sustain itself. 2) If a flower dies, take that one out and toss it. Your bouquet will look that much better without that one dragging everyone down with bacteria and rot. 3) Change the water. Change the water. Change the water. Even if you don't have flower food, this one thing will keep your bouquet lasting a longer time. 4) Cut the stems a little bit each time to freshen the straw the flowers drink from. 5) Take time to pause and look at your flowers often. :) I think they last longer if they know they are appreciated. And besides, they are there for you!
  • Do you take special order for events or delivery?
    Yes! Please email me for events with your date, general idea of what you're thinking, and color scheme and I will get back to you. I deliver to the KC metro area which you will see at checkout. No shipping is available at this time.
  • Do you do weddings?
    Currently, I do not do complete weddings. I have a list of wonderful local florists who use local blooms in their design work I can recommend. I do provide bulk flowers for diy brides of grower's choice flowers by the bucket. Contact me for more information.
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