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Kelp Mist helps plants use nutrients more efficiently. Tolerate drought stresses better and boosts soil microbe activity for added benefits.  You will be amazed at the effects of this spray.


16 oz Bottles and Mister are 100% Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Kelp is sustainably harvested



Keep your houseplants looking green and healthy! Just like humans plants need an extra nutrient boost. Kelp Mist will help boost the soil microbial activity that may be lacking in your soil. Microbes help deliver micro and macro nutrients houseplants need to thrive. Also use on plants that have experienced sun stress from spending a little to much time on the patio.  Spray once a month.



Start your seedling off right. Spraying seedlings and sprouts with Kelp Mist will help them use macro and micro nutrients more efficiently as they grow. Kelp Mist will help your seedling tolerate drought stress through harsh summer months. Boost your soil microbial activity creating a strong root system, robust growth and healthy growth.


Kelp Mist

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