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Spoil yourself with for 6 weeks with gorgeous locally-grown tulips.  These beauties will have a range of colors and varieties so that you can experience the vast array of tulip bounty.


The subscription is for one medium bouquet of tulips each week.  My tulips are not the same thing you find in grocery stores.  Those are smaller flowers from smaller bulbs and have been shipped out of water for a few days to a week.  My locally grown tulips outshine them all. 


You will be notified by text or email when your bouquet is ready.  Bouquets may be single variety or mixed.


Choose pickup here at Brookside Farmer's Market on Saturday, south KC near Red Bridge Road, or delivery in the KC metro area.


You won't regret investing in beauty.  Your soul needs beauty like your skin needs some moisturizer!  Make sure you don't wait until is parched and cracked. :) You can even gift some of your flowers and share the love.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.  

6 Week Tulip Subscription

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